Hot off the Presses:

Bush's failed Mideast policy is creating more terrorism
U.S. Senator Ernest F. Hollings     CHARLESTON POST and COURIER  May 6, 2004

Holocaust in Progress
Yashiko Sagamori     ARUTZ SHEVA    August 24, 2003

A Window of Opportunity for Israel?
Max Abrahms     MIDDLE EAST QUARTERLY    Summer, 2003

Don't Know Much About History
Max Abrahms     JERUSALEM POST     April 7, 2003

Arafat's Prime Minister
HONEST REPORTING     March 13, 2003

Background/ The Iraq Crisis as the War of the Jews
Bradley Burston     HAARETZ     March 12, 2003

Syria-Lebanon FOCUS Report
U.S. COMMITTEE FOR A FREE LEBANON     February 21, 2003

"Discovering" Jewish Roots Convenient for Democrats
Mona Charen     FOCUS ON THE NEWS     February 17, 2003

Five-point American Plan to Place Iraq under Military Rule, to Satisfy Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt 
ARABICNEWS.COM      February 14, 2003

Israeli Officials Lash Out at Belgium after Court Opens Door to Sharon Trial
Naomi Segal     JTA GLOBAL NEWS SERVICE      February 13, 2003

CDI Fact Sheet: Current List of Designated Foreign Terrorist Organizations

U.S. Jews feel Rising Heat of Israel Debate
Jane Lampman     CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR     February 6, 2003

Jews, evangelicals ally
Malcolm Foster     LONG BEACH PRESS TELEGRAM     February 1, 2003

Final Results of Elections to the 16th Knesset

The Franchising of Hezbollah
by Avi Davis    JEWSWEEK MAGAZINE     January 20, 2003

Throwing Israel to the Dogs
by Emanuel A. Winston    ARUTZ HERVA ISRAEL     January 9, 2003

Save Canadian Magen David Adom (Petition)
Pending Closure of Canadian Magen David Adom by CCRA (Commentary)  
by Steven Rosenshein     ISRAEL ACTION COMMITTEE     January 6, 2003

Israel, U.S. Coordinate Plans on Iraq, but Rift Looms on Possible Retaliation
by Leslie Sussen    JTA NEWS     December 24, 2002

Israel, India, and Turkey: Triple Entente?
by Ilan Berman    MIDDLE EAST QUARTERLY     Fall, 2002

US Troops to join Israelis in Iraq War Exercises
by Andrew Gumbel in Los Angeles and Eric Silver in Jerusalem     INDEPENDENT.CO.UK NEWS     December 23, 2002

Israel's Labor Party offers the Palestinians large parts of Jerusalem
by Saif Dahlah     USA TODAY     December 20, 2002

With Gore out of Running, Lieberman Seems Likely to Announce Candidacy
by Matthew E. Berger     JTA NEWS     December 17, 2002

Palastinian Statehood: A Reward for Terror
by Gary Bauer and Morton A. Kliein    ISREALLY.COM    December 12, 2002

Finding ‘Comfort’ in a United Nations Lie
by Lori Lowenthal Marcus     JEWISH EXPONENT     December 12, 2002

What Riyadh Buys
by Daniel Pipes     NEW YORK POST     December 11, 2002

Jewish Leaders Urge Open Debate amid Mideast Crisis
by Teresa Watanabe     LA TIMES     December 6, 2002

Put Your Hands Up
by Cal Thomas     CHICAGO TRIBUNE     December 2, 2002

Latest Attack on Jews Brings a Deafening Silence
by Rosie Dimanno     TORONTO STAR     December 2, 2002

A Ray of Hope for the Mideast
by Uri Dromi     MIAMI HERALD     November 29, 2002

Christian Coalition embraces Jewish state
By Joshua Mitnick   THE WASHINGTON TIMES    November 27, 2002

New Draft of ‘Road Map’ Raises Concerns among Israeli Leaders
By Matthew E. Berger   JTA NEWS    November 25, 2002

Old Games, New Rules: Conflict on the Israel-Lebanon Border
by International Crisis Group     ICG     November 18, 2002

The Paterson 'Protocols'
by Daniel Pipes     NEW YORK POST     November 5, 2002

Harvard President: Calls to Divest from Israel 'anti-Semitic'
by Patrick Healy     THE BOSTON GLOBE     September 20, 2002

Freedom Ultimately Prevails over Terror
by Uri Dromi     MIAMI HERALD     September 6, 2002




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