Q. What is the National Action Committee (NACPAC)?

the nationís largest pro-Israel political action committee of approximately 50 such committees nationally. Political action committees are entities first established by Congress in the early 1970s to enable like-minded individuals to associate and pool their small contributions to political candidates who share their views. NACPAC is allowed to contribute, in some cases, as much as $15,000 to a political candidate who believes, as NACPAC and its members believe, that a strong US-Israel alliance is good for . . . America!   NACPAC was founded in 1980 and is based in South Florida. NACPAC raises funds from annual membership dues, which are pooled with other members' dues to enable large, meaningful "impact" contributions to our pro-Israel Congressional friends.

Q. Who does NACPAC support?
NACPAC supports

Members of Congress, or their challengers, who support a strong US-Israel alliance and the pro-Israel agenda. NACPAC does not involve itself in state or local campaigns since their concerns rarely, if ever, impact on Israel or the US-Israel strategic partnership. NACPAC is completely bi-partisan and does not take positions relative to Israelís internal affairs. Click here to see a list of Congressional recipients of NACPAC contributions from the last three federal election cycles.

Q. What is the pro-Israel agenda?                                                                   A. The pro-Israel agenda:

  • Support for annual military and economic foreign assistance. 
  • Support for Jerusalem as Israel's undivided eternal capital and the American embassy being located in Jerusalem. 
  • Opposition to the sale or transfer of advanced weaponry lethal to Israel's continued survival whether such transfers are directly to Israel's enemies or indirectly to states that would transfer same to Israel's enemies. 
  • Support for development, including joint development, of advanced military systems including the Arrow anti-tactical ballistic missile, Mobile Tactical High Energy Laser (THEL), Listening Targeting Pod and Bradley (tank) reactive armor tiles. 
  • Opposition to the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. 
  • Support for the war on terrorism.

Q. How does America benefit from supporting Israel?                                  A.  Benefits:

  • Strategic cooperation between the United States and Israel, including the prepositioning of American weaponry in Israel. 
  • Basing rights for Americaís fleets and advanced repair facilities. 
  • Information-sharing opportunities. 
  • Supporting the only democracy in the Middle East and the furthering of democratic institutions in the region. 
  • Testing of new and experimental American weapons in combat conditions.

Q. Who are NACPAC's members?
NACPAC's members

number in the 100s in over thirty (30) states including Washington, D.C. Click here to see a list of all NACPAC Members.
NACPAC members include Jewish Americans, Christian Americans, teenagers, retirees, professionals, men and women from all walks of life. If you have not done so, please join NACPAC today!

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